Multidisciplinary practice ‘Medisch Thuis’
Where all care comes together.

Medisch Thuis believes in an intense collaboration of various care providers around a patient and makes them pioneers in primary care.

Interior design studio Alinea translated the clients’ vision into a strong architectural whole. Daylight was used to the maximum to emphasize the pleasant interior feeling among care providers and patients. The sloping ceilings provide extra dynamism and spatial experience.

The choice of colors and materials emphasize a warm home feeling where everyone is welcome. Refined details lead to a sober and soothing whole and make the building maintenance-friendly.

A great deal of attention has been paid to working comfort and, in particular, to peace, and safety of all involved. The entire building has acoustically absorbing ceilings, which enhances privacy and tranquility.


Several demarcated zones provide the necessary security and allow certain parts of the building to be used for related activities outside working hours.


Much more than just as an interior design agency, Alinea has worked in this assignment as a construction conductor, bringing all players together and directing them through the entire building process, resulting in a harmonious whole.